Saturday, November 29, 2008


Well, Thanksgiving went great! We all had a good time. The food was wonderful. The turkey turned out great! Very delish! However, the turkey had a bath before it was able to be cooked! My dad has Celiac-Sprue which means he can't have gluten (wheat). I am always very careful when I cook for him. I double and sometimes triple check what I have made and make sure there is no cross contamination. For some reason I checked my brain at the door. The recipe I was using for the turkey called for chicken boullion. I know this is not safe! I happily go about preparing my sauce and pour it over the turkey. Perfect! I pop it in the oven and then walk away. Within 5 minutes I have a near panic attack over the fact I have just poisoned my dad. I quickly call my mom and ask her what I should do. We decide to wash the turkey very well and try again but with chicken stock this time. I give the turkey a good cleansing and pray that it will be ok. Thankfully, dad is still alive to tell! :)

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