Monday, November 17, 2008

Big Game Hunt

This morning Henny Penny woke up in a particularly feisty mood. She decided it would be fun to hunt the cats. We have two cats, Petrie and Moses. Petrie is older about 8. Moses is 2. Moses is the all around best cat ever. Completely content as long as he is fed! Even while being squished and held and generally manhandled. Petrie, not so much. Henny picks up Petrie and moves her from room to room. (As only a three year old can carry a cat.) Tries putting her in Goosey's car seat. For some reason she won't stay! I hear complaints of "mom, Petrie scratched me, Petrie tried to bite me." Ummm...gee I wonder why! Does this deter her? No, of course not. If at first you don't succeed try another cat. Moses having seen this from afar decides to run. Henny chases him up the stairs and proceeds to hold him (Moses is very lazy and doesn't put up much of a fight) and talk to him in a baby voice. This is all before 8am! It is going to be a long day!

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