Sunday, March 28, 2010

33 things

Friday was my darling husband's birthday! Happy Birthday a little late! Here are 33 things I love about my husband. In no particular order.

  1. He loves me!
  2. He loves our babies!
  3. He can fix our cars!
  4. He wears 'Le Male' by Jean Paul Gaultier. Delicious
  5. He supports me when I have hare brained ideas.
  6. He is a good provider for our family.
  7. He can quote movie lines.
  8. He can recognize voices in animated movies and commercials. (i am awful at #7,8)
  9. He can still make me laugh.
  10. He eats Chinese with me even though he hates it.
  11. He is very supportive of our home school and is even teaching science this year.
  12. He loves me enough to tell me 'no' when I have too much going on and I am trying to add one more thing.
  13. He likes to take the kids on errands with him.
  14. He loves Jesus and is growing everyday in that relationship.
  15. He sacrifices his own comfort for our family. IE his awful car! :)
  16. He can lift heavy things!
  17. He is involved in every part of our lives. He doesn't just sit around and let things happen around him.
  18. He is a hard worker and diligent in his tasks.
  19. He encouraged me to have our babies at home even when it was difficult to do.
  20. He helps clean up the dishes almost every night.
  21. He isn't afraid of housework.
  22. He will watch girl movies with me.
  23. He served our country in the military.
  24. He still opens the door for me and holds my hand when we are out.
  25. He does the man chores...trash taker outer, dog poop picker-upper, scraping my front door so I can paint etc
  26. He takes the lead in discipline with our children.
  27. He likes big dogs.
  28. He bought me a Nintendo DS when I was pregnant and sick with Biscuit and ordered cable TV when I was sick with Monkey and held my hair back while I puked with Bella.
  29. He once watched 'Dunston Checks In' with me. :)
  30. He is quick to apologize when he has hurt my feelings.
  31. He still rubs my back.
  32. He loves me.
  33. He loves our babies.


Ok loyal readers (all three of you) I have a confession to make. No it doesn't involve my ineptitude at keeping this blog updated. Nor my inability to make a pie crust. I love Taylor Swift. There I said it! I like her voice and most of her songs. Even though some can be a bit juvenile it is what I expect from an 18 year old. I love her song "Love Story". Ok, I feel relieved my secret is out.

Monday, March 22, 2010


So, yesterday I text my husband something along the lines of "I miss you" and get an immediate call back. "Ahh he must miss me too" He says, "it's funny you texted. I hurt my head and was going to call you." Ummm...what? Apparently he was working on a part and moved the wrong way and smacked his head on the part. While we were talking about whether he should go to the clinic one of his coworkers informs him that he left some tissue and hair on the part. "I think you should go that sounds bad." Since my darling husband is a little on the directionally challenged side I mentioned he should call my dad for directions to the clinic. My dad works at the same place. It gets decided that my dad will just come drive him since the location is a bit hard to find and my dear has a head wound. The children are all happy that daddy has a head wound as this means they get to eat dinner early. We usually eat around 6:30 or so. They are always starving by that time. They were very concerned that daddy wasn't home to eat dinner. "he is going to be hungry. Why is it taking so long?" When he finally got home I laughed! Of course I was concerned about his head but with the injury being on the very top of his head it made it difficult to put on a bandage. He had his head wrapped up like something out of a war movie. It was wrapped down under his chin. He did look a bit ridiculous. Adding insult to injury! Unfortunately, for you dear readers, I was unable to get a picture before it had to be removed. But I do have pics of the wound! All stapled together. So don't look if you are a bit squeamish. Personally, I find it fascinating that someone thought "why don't we just staple it? Forget stitching it just use the stapler"

Sorry his head looks orange! I didn't have the flash on and our lamp shade produces an odd color. Five staples!
Looks like a scratch in this pic!

Friday, March 12, 2010


My tiny Biscuit has learned a new trick. Two, actually! He can now open his bedroom door and the door to a closet in our living room. He can also open the sliding glass door (has been able to do this for a while) and the screen door. Which is a huge problem. This means if someone has forgotten to lock the sliding glass door he can venture outside. Today, we returned from the store and I was getting ready to start dinner. I had to print a recipe off the internet and was gone for three minutes tops. The girls were supposed to be playing with their brother. Matilda yells, "brother is outside on the swing set!" I run into the living room and sure enough he is swinging on the glider. Mind you it has been raining all day and is muddy and cool out. He jabbers something completely unintelligible but I imagine would be along the lines of "look mom I am so cool I am swinging!" He was told to get his hiney inside immediately! He moseyed up to the house. Had to wash his feet off. Eventually got dinner made. Needless to say he is on lock down! We are going to have to be extremely careful! We do have a fenced backyard with a lock on the gate however if he has figured out all of this already he can't be trusted. Not that he isn't supervised almost constantly anyway! So different than the girls. With them you could walk into the kitchen and pour a drink and come back and find them still playing with the same toy. I love the differences between the children! Precious! God made us each so unique.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Handsome Rob

My sweet Biscuit had a hair cut today. Husband took him to the barber shop. The lady snipped away. Thankfully, his hair is still on the long side. I am not a fan of buzz cuts on little boys. Just my personal preference. He is next to impossible to photograph. I tried to get an 'after' shot. Not much luck.


He has such handsome hair! My baby is so big!
The girls and I stayed home and worked on school. We began learning about the Middle Kingdom of Egypt, found nouns in a story, worked on the letter 't' for handwriting, learned the last 3 addition facts, worked on our BSF, reviewed the letter 'k' and number 5. Busy morning.