Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's a cookie turkey

Tiny Sister came over and made oreo turkeys with the girls.
Here is their silly face picture.

The Good Ol' Days

Once upon a time back when I was way younger I shared bunk beds with my middle sister. Middle sister and I only shared them a few years and then middle sister and tiny sister shared them. Now it is time to pass down the tradition. Bella and Monkey are now the proud owners of bunk beds. They have been wanting them for a very long time. I had major hesitations and was able to put this off for about 18 months. My hesitations you ask? Broken arms, stitches, dislocated elbows/shoulders (from one sibling dangling the other off the top bunk). Yes I have issues thanks for asking! Why the change of heart? My dear husband was helping out my dad this past week and somehow the topic came round to bunk beds. Darling husband says, "yeah Mimi won't let the girls have them." My dad, "That's crazy SHE had bunk beds." Umm thanks Dad I will direct the hospital bills to your house. So, we now have bunk beds. Nightly prayers might include pleas for safety. The girls are beside themselves with joy. It has been hard to get them down. They now have some extra floor space so I think I will make them some floor pillows. I have a great Amy Butler design I have been wanting to try out. Here are some pics of their beds.

Happy as clams.
Lots of space for Barbies and dollhouse stuff.

Maybe some padding on the floor would help my nervousness!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lonely widow

This afternoon my darling husband is driving about an hour away to work out at a gym. He does powerlifting and this is how all the guys at this gym train. He was very excited to go. He will be gone during dinnertime so that leaves us all alone. I don't like eating dinner alone with just the kids. It feels so incomplete. We are those oddballs who have family dinner every night. When someone is missing it is a bit sad. The girls have decided we should have Chinese with chopsticks. I don't think they have really ever had Chinese food before. They are fascinated with chopsticks after watching Kung Fu Panda. There is a neat tutorial on the DVD about chopsticks. Since darling husband doesn't like Chinese food or for that matter any Asian cuisine we are jumping in with both feet. I love both Chinese food and any Asian cuisine for that matter. Sesame chicken here I come. We know a couple who live in China and have commented on how Chinese fast food is nothing like real Chinese cooking. I would love to visit China someday and learn how to cook authentic food. I hear this is quite a process not just toss some things together. It must be cut up a certain way, certain vegetables go with certain meats etc. Now I think I am just rambling so I better get moving.
BTW-I have lots of post ideas and am hoping to get better at this!!