Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lesson learned

This week has been a long one. Goosey hasn't slept particularly well at night. So, by the time Friday morning rolls around I am tired and Adam is at work for a very long weekend. 12.5 hours is a long day!! And he has three of them. I digress...At 9:30 the doorbell rings. I am in the middle of a huge poopy diaper while also talking to my mom on the phone. I have mad multitasking skills! I yell to Henny Penny to see who it is but don't open the door. She says a lady with stuff. Hmmm...sounds interesting. I run to the door and it turns out to be a very nicely dressed young woman that wants to talk to me about God. I tell her I would dearly love to talk to her but am in the middle of three things (at least) could she please come back. I love talking to Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormon's! Call me crazy but it is fun. Did I also mention that I am still in my jammies? Hair undone? Teeth unbrushed? Yup I was looking like the stereotypical housewife. All I needed was screaming, naked, dirty children! I promptly finished up with the baby and got in the shower. Even straightened my bangs. (just got my hair cut and am still at the bang straightening point) I remember thinking she will be back later today and I will look decent! Moving on to Saturday morning. LOOOOONG night again. Looking worse than yesterday at probably 10:30 in the morning. Doorbell rings. Of course I am trying to feed the baby (more on this later). Yell to Henny Penny to see who it is. "Two ladies with stuff." Great! She brought reinforcements and I still look like death! I open the door and they begin their spiel. I share briefly that I am a Christian and would love to talk more but this isn't a good time. The new gal says "you look really familiar" We share where we went to school and when we graduated. Turns out we went to elementary and middle school together. They are twins that look nothing alike. I closed the door and just wanted to sit and laugh! They were probably driving away thinking "wow! I am glad we turned out better than she did!" Did I also mention that I was wearing a white t-shirt with no bra and trying to hold the baby in such a way as to cover this. :) I know you are going to ask some obvious questions
Q- Why did you answer the door in the first place?
A- Our door has glass panels on either side and you can see in quite easily. Kids were standing at the door looking out. Didn't want to look like they were home alone!

Q- Haven't you ever heard of a robe?
A- Yes! I have one but it had been peed on by Goosey.

Hope you enjoyed my discomfort!

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