Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Fever

Last weekend Matilda Monkey had a fever. No other symptoms, just a fever. We missed church. She was fever free late Sunday. We had a pretty uneventful week. I met with a local midwife to talk about labor assisting (doula) and birth assisting. She assigned me to a client who is due the beginning of August. I can't wait to get started. I have met the client already and she seems very nice. Bella had an MRI on Thursday. We should get results today. Saturday we went to the Central Library with my dad. Such fun! The children's section was very nice. So many books. Lots of comfy places to sit and read. Can't wait to go back again. Saturday when Biscuit woke up from his afternoon nap he felt hot. The Fever! We missed church again this week. :( Yesterday Mr. Biscuit had his 9 month check-up. Healthy (minus The Fever) and nice and plump! He is 22 lbs 6 oz and 29.5 inches long. I think he lost a bit of weight since he hasn't been eating well. He is now doing better. However, yesterday after lunch Bella says, "Mom, I think I have a fever." Sure enough she has The Fever. She moped about last night as though she was going to die from The Fever. She is in much better spirits this morning. Partly, because the tooth fairy came last night! She lost her second tooth on Sunday evening. The tooth had been hanging on by a thread for two days. She and daddy were wrestling and he bumped her mouth and out fell the tooth!
Sunday was my 30th birthday. It was very uneventful. Crabby baby, no cake, lots of birthday calls, visit from a friend, ice cream from DQ. I finally got around to making my cake last night with help from Monkey. Darling husband got us pizza from Uno's. YUM!

Friday, July 3, 2009

It has arrived!

My new swimsuit has arrived! And...(drum roll)...it actually looks decent! No, I won't be posting a pic of myself modeling the suit. However, I will put a link to the Land's End website so you can see it on their rather svelte model! Linky-loo I can't wait to go swimming! Now everything that needs covering will be covered! No more maternity suit!


This morning the girls and I picked beans! Our first round of picking. We got quite a few. We will probably be picking every few days. I told the girls next summer this would be their job. They seem pleased with the prospect at least for now. We also have a few zucchini ready. There will be quite a few more in a few days. The tomatoes are getting there. I can't wait to have fresh tomatoes.

Yesterday, we hung out at home. Matilda Monkey had a fever and wasn't feeling well. Must have been something viral as she is fine now. We are sticking around home today again and tomorrow might head to my parents to swim and have a cookout. We aren't doing fireworks this year. Hopefully, next year though. Mr. Biscuit is just a little too young to stay up so far past his bedtime. Fireworks don't start until 9:47pm! Crazy!