Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mr. Biscuit right before swimming!
Monkey sleeping on the couch after swimming.

Bella reading! She is reading Meet Kaya. (American Girl book)
Yesterday, we went swimming at my parents' house. Everyone had a really great time. Mr. Biscuit loves to swim. He splashes quite a lot. My medium sister came also with her baby, Miss Sweetiekins. The babies had such fun. The big girls are using only arm floaties this year. Bella can touch. She jumped right in. Usually, she takes a few minutes to adjust not this year! Matilda Monkey had a lovely time. She still wants someone near but was busy moving around. She will jump in if someone is catching. No pictures because mommy can't swim, carry a baby, and take pictures.


I have decided to allow all comments. Which means you don't have to have a Google ID. If spam becomes a problem I will switch things up again. Leave a comment. I like to know I am not talking to myself.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

The title about sums it up. We have been on the go for the past few weeks. I don't really even know what we have done. Dentist, doctor, family, library, play dates. Plus it has been hot and humid! I loathe humidity! I detest it. Death to humidity! Well, you get the point. We are planning on swimming at my parents' pool today. I can't wait. I am still swimsuitless. I am hoping to remedy this next week. Although, Darling Husband will be working everyday from 3p-2a so my shopping plans might be thwarted. Sooo, I guess it is back to the maternity suit for a bit longer.

I am off to the grocery store now. I will try to post some pictures later and update on the swimsuit search.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nifty Fifty!

Supposedly, this is my fiftieth post. How special! In honor of this momentous occasion I shall name all fifty states. I promise I will not look at any sources. Scout's honor!

1. Maine
2. Vermont
3. New Hampshire
4. New York
5. Rhode Island
6. Massachusetts
7. New Jersey
8. Delaware
9. Maryland
10. West Virginia
11. Virginia
12. North Carolina
13. South Carolina
14. Florida
15. Ohio
16. Indiana
17. Kentucky
18. Michigan
19. Illinois
20. Tennessee
21. Mississippi
22. Alabama
23. Georgia
24. Louisiana
25. Missouri
26. Kansas
27. Iowa
28. Minnesota
29. North Dakota
30. South Dakota
31. Nebraska
32. Colorado
33. Wyoming
34. Montana
35. Texas
36. Oklahoma
37. Nevada
38. Idaho
39. Utah
40. Arizona
41. New Mexico
42. Washington
43. Oregon
44. California
45. Alaska
46. Wisconsin
47. Hawaii
48. Connecticut
49. Pennslyvania
50. Arkansas
WooHoo!! I did it. Only four that I had to really think hard about! Now if I was really cool I would try to name all of the state capitols. At one time I could have easily done this. Right now I am just grateful to remember all of the states!

A side note! Mr. Biscuit is an absolute handful! If he wasn't so cute and cuddly we would sell him. His latest escapades...I put him down after changing his diaper and walk to the kitchen to start dinner. He starts petting the kitty. Awww how sweet. He is being very quiet for a few minutes. I walk all the way over to check on him. He is pulling tufts of hair from the cat and shoving it in his mouth. GROSS! I scoop as much hair from his mouth as possible and rinse his fingers off. My precious little girls were never this ummm...energetic. The girls were both busy and would get into things but not to this degree! He also managed to break a night light bulb in the girls room. And I used to wander why African women strapped their babies to them! Not any more!!!