Sunday, November 2, 2008


I have decided to start a blog. As it turns out I have quite a bit to say and this seemed like as good as any place to say it! I have all kinds of ideas for posts and will get started soon.

I have been married to my husband now for 9 years. Our anniversary is 9/11. Back before it was anything more significant than our anniversary and my cousin's birthday. We have had our ups and downs and thankfully now it is more up than down. God is gracious and able to change hearts! We have three very wonderful children. Turkey Lurkey is 5, Henny Penny is 3 and Goosey Loosey is almost 7 weeks. We are homeschooling this year. So far it has been fun and she seems to be doing well. Starting to read! So exciting. I can't wait to introduce her to so many great books. Henny Penny is tagging along and starting to learn a few things. And of course Goosey just sleeps through it all. We are just taking one year at a time. As long as it works we will continue. If it works well for one and not the others then we will do something different. I am sure I will devote more time to this later as everyone has an opinion on it. I will share mine! :)

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