Sunday, December 7, 2008


Sorry I have been out of touch this past week. My dear husband took some time off work so we could have "vacation". We didn't actually go anywhere just stayed around the house. We went to the Children's Museum one day. I will discuss this later. The kids and I have been battling another cold. I took Zicam and feel pretty decent. The girls have stuffy noses but are fine. The baby has a stuffy nose and coughs a few times in the morning. Hopefully this won't be the status quo of the whole winter!!! Off to suck the baby's nose and feed him! More later!

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Amber said...

Staying at home is sometimes the best "vacation" there is! Hope you enjoyed having your hubby home! :)
PS On my blog I changed my list of links to reflect Mimi instead of your real name. I just recently noticed that your first name is anonymous too. Sorry for not noticing sooner; hope you weren't stalked because of me. :)