Friday, June 8, 2012


This past week we went camping at Indiana Dunes State Park. The weather was perfect. Cool, breezy and sunny. Nights were pretty cool. This was Baby Bean's first camping expedition on the outside. We went camping while I was pregnant with him. He slept well at night and even took a nap! He loved the sand and was really good on our hike. My blessed husband carried him in the sling. The big kids were amazing. Boundless energy. They scaled the dunes like pros. Husband and I are not exactly in the same shape we were in 10 years ago before children so we took more pauses. The view of the lake was spectacular. We could even see the Chicago skyline clearly. The kids definitely want to go to the beach again. Hopefully, it involves an ocean this next time. :) DH is not a fan of the beach so we will see if that will come to pass. Probably mountains or Nebraska prairie next.
We even got to see Venus in transit between the sun and earth. Something we will never get to see again. DH was able to get a pic on his iphone so I will try to upload that later. So awesome to see God's creation. From a planet to a small lizard it is truly amazing to see how big God is and His creativity knows no bounds.

 The black speck is Venus
 Evening on the dunes
 These flowers were everywhere on the trails
 Ready to head onto the beach from the trail
The water was beautiful. Large ship in the distance.