Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow/Sick Day

Today is a snow day and sick day combined into one. We only got the tiniest amount of snow. I think 'a dusting' would be the appropriate term! But we haven't had a snow day yet for school so I am taking one. So There! Plus, I am still sick with this stupid cold or whatever it is. Bleh! I haven't been able to sleep at night which is super fun. Last night I was up from 3am-4:30. Not to mention the lack of sleep from bedtime until midnight. And then Nathaniel crying at 5am. I am a little tired today. So we are going to hunker down and survive our day until daddy gets home. My dear husband has been a rock this week! He arranged for some mommy time for me on Monday to relax. I was already starting to feel a bit off so it was nice to rest. I made my sister a sling for her new baby. (Can't wait to meet my niece!) Then on Tuesday I packed them a lunch and he took the kids to the Children's Museum. I had my prenatal appt. All is well. Just waiting! Then by Wednesday morning I was miserable. He skipped his Bible study to take care of everyone while I rested. Thursday, early morning, I had a fever for a few hours and couldn't sleep. So, he took Biscuit to the grocery store. I am sure when his alarm went off to go to work this morning there was a small sense of relief at not having to be Mr. Mom today! I am praying he doesn't get sick or anyone else for that matter! That is our week in a nutshell. Super exciting, eh?

On an unrelated note...I love Skype! I was able to talk to a friend last night in China! So amazing to be able to see and talk thousands of miles and 13 hours away! I was also able to talk to my baby sister this morning in Korea. Please be praying for her as she injured her tailbone! She is pretty miserable. Pray for quick healing! I love you tiny sister!

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