Tuesday, January 18, 2011


My sweet little girl is eight!! I can't believe it! We had a nice day yesterday. Bella got to go to lunch with Daddy at Steak n' Shake. She even brought back a shake for her siblings. Sweet girl. The girls spent the afternoon in the snow building snow men. Matilda was quite thankful to be allowed out. We made her cake and cupcakes. She has a two layer (white on bottom, chocolate on top) cake with pink cream cheese icing. She also has cupcakes. I forgot to get ice cream yesterday so I will have to run out for that later. She wants chocolate with brownie chunks. Her birthday dinner was breakfast pizza, hash browns and apples. It was devoured rather quickly. She opened her presents after dinner. A Hello Kitty bedding set, some Bath & Body Works stuff, a painting kit. The girls spent the rest of the evening wrapping themselves up in the comforter. Tonight is the family party.

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oneblessedmama said...

I cannotbelieve she is so big! It seems like yesterday we were preggo! Happy Birthday Ella!