Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Better Than Expected

Matilda Monkey's surgery went very well. She had some pain immediately following surgery but seems to be doing very well now. She hasn't complained once! At least not about surgery related things. She did change her mind about wanting a baby brother after Biscuit was trying to smack her today. (And, no, we don't know what we are having) We go back to see the surgeon the first week in February. A few people have asked how things look which is a bit complicated. She is swollen and stitched and taped up. It is a bit hard to see anything. It will also take a bit for the tissue to heal. The scar tissue will also take a while to even out. It took about six months after her initial lip repair to see what it would really look like. I will keep you posted!
My darling husband was able to do some school with Bella today, so we aren't totally behind!
We have a prenatal appointment tomorrow. I can't believe we are down to every week prenatal appointments already. This baby will be making an appearance before we know it. Everything is ready to go. Except, I realized diapers might be a good idea! I keep thinking we have a few months left but we don't! I better get that on my grocery list for next week!
Off to snuggle with Monkey and scratch her back!


Amber Waves Of Grain said...

I keep forgetting-- what's your due date!?!

Mimi said...

Feb. 11 but I typically go late.