Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Handsome Rob

My sweet Biscuit had a hair cut today. Husband took him to the barber shop. The lady snipped away. Thankfully, his hair is still on the long side. I am not a fan of buzz cuts on little boys. Just my personal preference. He is next to impossible to photograph. I tried to get an 'after' shot. Not much luck.


He has such handsome hair! My baby is so big!
The girls and I stayed home and worked on school. We began learning about the Middle Kingdom of Egypt, found nouns in a story, worked on the letter 't' for handwriting, learned the last 3 addition facts, worked on our BSF, reviewed the letter 'k' and number 5. Busy morning.

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oneblessedmama said...

How cute! Glad yor man remembered to take pictures! :-)