Friday, March 12, 2010


My tiny Biscuit has learned a new trick. Two, actually! He can now open his bedroom door and the door to a closet in our living room. He can also open the sliding glass door (has been able to do this for a while) and the screen door. Which is a huge problem. This means if someone has forgotten to lock the sliding glass door he can venture outside. Today, we returned from the store and I was getting ready to start dinner. I had to print a recipe off the internet and was gone for three minutes tops. The girls were supposed to be playing with their brother. Matilda yells, "brother is outside on the swing set!" I run into the living room and sure enough he is swinging on the glider. Mind you it has been raining all day and is muddy and cool out. He jabbers something completely unintelligible but I imagine would be along the lines of "look mom I am so cool I am swinging!" He was told to get his hiney inside immediately! He moseyed up to the house. Had to wash his feet off. Eventually got dinner made. Needless to say he is on lock down! We are going to have to be extremely careful! We do have a fenced backyard with a lock on the gate however if he has figured out all of this already he can't be trusted. Not that he isn't supervised almost constantly anyway! So different than the girls. With them you could walk into the kitchen and pour a drink and come back and find them still playing with the same toy. I love the differences between the children! Precious! God made us each so unique.

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