Monday, March 22, 2010


So, yesterday I text my husband something along the lines of "I miss you" and get an immediate call back. "Ahh he must miss me too" He says, "it's funny you texted. I hurt my head and was going to call you." Ummm...what? Apparently he was working on a part and moved the wrong way and smacked his head on the part. While we were talking about whether he should go to the clinic one of his coworkers informs him that he left some tissue and hair on the part. "I think you should go that sounds bad." Since my darling husband is a little on the directionally challenged side I mentioned he should call my dad for directions to the clinic. My dad works at the same place. It gets decided that my dad will just come drive him since the location is a bit hard to find and my dear has a head wound. The children are all happy that daddy has a head wound as this means they get to eat dinner early. We usually eat around 6:30 or so. They are always starving by that time. They were very concerned that daddy wasn't home to eat dinner. "he is going to be hungry. Why is it taking so long?" When he finally got home I laughed! Of course I was concerned about his head but with the injury being on the very top of his head it made it difficult to put on a bandage. He had his head wrapped up like something out of a war movie. It was wrapped down under his chin. He did look a bit ridiculous. Adding insult to injury! Unfortunately, for you dear readers, I was unable to get a picture before it had to be removed. But I do have pics of the wound! All stapled together. So don't look if you are a bit squeamish. Personally, I find it fascinating that someone thought "why don't we just staple it? Forget stitching it just use the stapler"

Sorry his head looks orange! I didn't have the flash on and our lamp shade produces an odd color. Five staples!
Looks like a scratch in this pic!

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