Sunday, March 28, 2010

33 things

Friday was my darling husband's birthday! Happy Birthday a little late! Here are 33 things I love about my husband. In no particular order.

  1. He loves me!
  2. He loves our babies!
  3. He can fix our cars!
  4. He wears 'Le Male' by Jean Paul Gaultier. Delicious
  5. He supports me when I have hare brained ideas.
  6. He is a good provider for our family.
  7. He can quote movie lines.
  8. He can recognize voices in animated movies and commercials. (i am awful at #7,8)
  9. He can still make me laugh.
  10. He eats Chinese with me even though he hates it.
  11. He is very supportive of our home school and is even teaching science this year.
  12. He loves me enough to tell me 'no' when I have too much going on and I am trying to add one more thing.
  13. He likes to take the kids on errands with him.
  14. He loves Jesus and is growing everyday in that relationship.
  15. He sacrifices his own comfort for our family. IE his awful car! :)
  16. He can lift heavy things!
  17. He is involved in every part of our lives. He doesn't just sit around and let things happen around him.
  18. He is a hard worker and diligent in his tasks.
  19. He encouraged me to have our babies at home even when it was difficult to do.
  20. He helps clean up the dishes almost every night.
  21. He isn't afraid of housework.
  22. He will watch girl movies with me.
  23. He served our country in the military.
  24. He still opens the door for me and holds my hand when we are out.
  25. He does the man chores...trash taker outer, dog poop picker-upper, scraping my front door so I can paint etc
  26. He takes the lead in discipline with our children.
  27. He likes big dogs.
  28. He bought me a Nintendo DS when I was pregnant and sick with Biscuit and ordered cable TV when I was sick with Monkey and held my hair back while I puked with Bella.
  29. He once watched 'Dunston Checks In' with me. :)
  30. He is quick to apologize when he has hurt my feelings.
  31. He still rubs my back.
  32. He loves me.
  33. He loves our babies.

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