Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All dressed up...

...with no place to go. That was the story last Monday. Goosey was up at 7 am. Perfect! I could eat, shower, and pack a lunch so we could head to the museum. The girls ate their breakfast and got dressed. We made it out the door by 9:30 to be at the museum by 10 when it opens. I can't believe how smooth things are going. We get almost to the interstate when I remember something I forgot. We turn around and get it. Husband and I chuckle to ourselves thinking how awesome we are to still be relatively on schedule. As we pull into the parking garage I notice a small sign saying the museum is closed! What?! We ask the garage attendant if this is true. It is! Every Monday during the winter the museum is closed. Ok this will not deter us from family fun. We head over to the art museum. The girls are a bit unhappy but trying to stay upbeat. The surface level parking is mainly empty. That's no big deal the weather is kind of crummy maybe everyone parked in the underground parking. We pull underground. The lot is packed not a place in sight. This looks good. They must surely be open. Back to the surface lot! We park and I notice a security guard eyeing us. I stop and ask if the museum is open today. He struggles back a smile and says no. What?! Closed on Mondays throughout the winter. You have to be kidding me!!!!! So, we head home. It turned out ok though. We ended up having a picnic lunch on the floor and watched a movie with the girls. The only day I am supermom and this is what happens!

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