Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Who Knew

Apparently, I have a blog! Sorry internet I have been busy. While I have had plenty to say I just haven't wanted to sit down and type it out. Baby Bean is three months old. It seems like a long and short time all at once! He is still eating well. Sleep is a little more challenging. I can see a slight improvement. He has his lip repair on June 27th. We will have to transition him to a special bottle for the three weeks post-surgery. It is more of a squeezy bottle with some tubing on the end. We will start working with him a week or so before surgery so it isn't as traumatizing. I am not looking forward to surgery as I am pretty sure the three weeks post-op are going to be miserable. He likes to fall asleep cuddled on my chest which he won't be able to do. His bottle will be different. He will have to wear arm splints. All of this on top of being a fussy baby. Anyone want to trade me places? We are praying that he will surprise us and it won't be awful. And if that isn't God's will....we are praying we will have stamina to endure!! I will try to put some stuff in the freezer over the next few weeks.
The girls are doing well. Matilda is reading. She is making slow, steady progress. Bella is almost done with most of her school work. We should be finishing up in the next few weeks with everything except history and math. Biscuit is loving spring/summer. He is outside every chance he can get. The girls start swimming lessons this next week. Can't wait to see how they do!

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