Thursday, March 31, 2011

All Things New

We have lots of new things around here!
A new baby!
Four kids!
New glasses for reading!
A new guinea pig named Charlotte!
Baby Bean is 5 weeks old now. He is eating well and sleeping well at night. During the day, not so much! We started school again full time last week. So far, so good! Bella went to the eye doctor last week. She is slightly farsighted. It is something she will outgrow. She had been having headaches so we are going to do glasses for now. The guinea pig came compliments of my midwife. She needed a new home and since the girls had been wanting one for so long we decided to take the plunge. She is very sweet and doesn't smell!
I also have a new niece and nephew! The niece was born 10 hours after Baby Bean. The nephew was adopted a week later but found out about the same day Baby Bean arrived! Such a huge blessing! I haven't received permission to post photos of them publicly so just imagine cute babies! And yes my mom is very busy! Lots of grandbabies to snuggle!

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