Saturday, October 1, 2011


Lots to catch up on. The last post was in April so I guess I will start from there.
April-Baby Bean turned 2months. My sister and I went to Chicago to visit our new nephew. Had a few appointments regarding Baby Bean.
May-We began the taping process in anticipation of Bean's first surgery. The process was so much simpler than we expected. He tolerated it very well and the cleft was closed from 13mm to 3mm. A huge answer to prayer.
June-Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit the first week. My tiny sister arrived home from S. Korea. Bean's lip repair was on the 27th. He came through like a champ! He did much better than expected. His lip and nose also looks great. He still has many surgeries in his future but we are pleased with the progress made so far.
July-My birthday and my sister's. Bean off restrictions from surgery. Precious friends and family from church pitched in to get me a massage and were so generous I was able to get my haircut and go on a date with my husband. The date never actually happened. But we were able to have some mini dates after the kids went to bed. Matilda monkey lost her 1st tooth at the end of the month. Fervent prayers were offered up to bring tiny sister's fiancee to the states.
August-Tiny sister's fiancee arrives!! State Fair. Bean's 1st ear infection. My sister's wedding shower.
September-Wedding month. Lots of routine dr visits. Matilda loses 2nd tooth. Our 12th anniversary. Lots of birthdays!! Adoption finalized and then a visit from the nephew (he brought his parents along for the ride).
My brother visited can you tell?
My sweet boy! 3 years old!!
Yes, he did that by himself.

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