Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Holy Moley!

So, I haven't posted about this yet. Back at 15 weeks I had a kidney stone. Extremely painful! I would much rather push out another 9 pound baby. (Who knows I might get that in February!) I happened to pass a rather small stone. It looked like a grain of sand. Then back at the beginning of October I had another stone that was painful. This time I didn't find the stone. The doctor thought perhaps I didn't pass it all the way. That seemed very likely as Sunday evening I had more pain but it was lower than the other time in October. I still didn't feel great yesterday and today seemed to still be having some symptoms. I told DH tonight that I thought the stone might come out soon. He nodded and smiled. I was getting ready for bed and decided I better pee one last time. Thankfully, the doctor gave me a 'hat' to put on the potty. I peed out the most ginormous stone! I was always led to believe it would be eeny teeny. No sir! We are talking about a 1/4 inch and jagged. And yes, it hurt!!! Let's hope this is the last of my kidney stone issues. Taking this stone in to be analyzed for sure!

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Amber Waves Of Grain said...

Ouch!!! So sorry you had to go through this!! Hopefully you're done with stones now!!