Sunday, May 20, 2012


This has been a long difficult week. Baby Bean had surgery to repair his cleft palate on Monday. Surgery went well and the surgeon seemed pleased. Hopefully, it will heal well and completely. We go for his post-op in another two weeks. At that time he should be off all restrictions. He has to wear arm splints to keep his hands out of his mouth. He is not happy to put it mildly. He is slowly eating more and drinking is going a little better today. He is currently sleeping. In his own bed. By himself.

Haven't really taken any pictures of the kids this week. I did snap a few quick shots of some plants. Last summer my in-laws bought me some plants for my birthday. We had a drought last summer so I wasn't sure how they would fare. Everything seems to be doing fine. I might have to move a few things that need a bit more sunlight. 

Hydrangea just starting to bloom! Lovely.
Lavender. This one is thriving! The other two need to be moved a bit to get more sunlight.

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