Friday, July 23, 2010

M is for

Morning sickness. Or more accurately, all day sickness. I am 11 weeks and feeling horrifically nauseated. Nothing seems to be helping. In a way it is a good reminder that most people who feel this awful have a healthy pregnancy. I am trying to cling to that! And that God has inscribed me on the palm of His hand. He sees my illness and cares. He has not forgotten and will lead me to the other side.

The girls have been going to VBS this week. They have such a great time every year. We missed Wednesday night due to Bella having two teeth extracted. She did a good job and didn't complain too much. It seems to be healing nicely. She will go back in to have a space maintainer put on in three weeks. She said, "that sounds like braces!" Both of the girls are both terrified and mesmerized by braces.

I am off to take a rest while I can!

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Anonymous said...

lean on me baby. we'll get through this. it'll be ok.