Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mr. Biscuit right before swimming!
Monkey sleeping on the couch after swimming.

Bella reading! She is reading Meet Kaya. (American Girl book)
Yesterday, we went swimming at my parents' house. Everyone had a really great time. Mr. Biscuit loves to swim. He splashes quite a lot. My medium sister came also with her baby, Miss Sweetiekins. The babies had such fun. The big girls are using only arm floaties this year. Bella can touch. She jumped right in. Usually, she takes a few minutes to adjust not this year! Matilda Monkey had a lovely time. She still wants someone near but was busy moving around. She will jump in if someone is catching. No pictures because mommy can't swim, carry a baby, and take pictures.


oneblessedmama said...

What? You cannot do ALL of those things? Geeze... Why didn't God give us the 8 arms and make men attracted to THOSE? ;-)

Katie said...

I read your blog dear sister but you need to post more regularly!! Love the picture of Mr. Biscuit before we went swimming as well as Matilda Monkey asleep on the couch!