Saturday, April 25, 2009


The weather has been glorious today. We enjoyed some play time. The girls have a bit of pink on their shoulders and cheeks. I filled up a few buckets for them also. Water is so fun to play in. Bella wanted to know if we could go to the pool today. Bummer but it is still closed for a while yet! Plus I can't imagine how cold the water would be. Matilda Monkey's birthday is coming up. We are planning on going to an indoor waterpark so the kids can swim and play. Which, unfortunately, means I must find a swimsuit. (insert scream of horror) My sister's solution? "Just wear your maternity suit." Remind me to kick her next time I see her!


Katie said...

I didn't mean forever! Just for today!

katherine said...

haha! i just bought a new maternity suit for the summer and as i was trying it on actually thought, i wonder if i could wear this post-pregnancy?yikes! but, it is a cute suit!